Smart Safety Monitoring  

Smart Safety Monitoring  

24/7 Monitoring and inspection using IOT detection devices 

Fire Detection Cameras

  • NProvide you live monitoring of smoke & temperatures across your site
  • NAuto reporting of temperature rise and hot spots
  • NProactive fire risk management
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Fire Protection System Monitoring

  • NEnables you to monitor in real-time the firefighting pumps, to ensure the system is running perfectly.
  • NAlarms and notifications in case of leakage detection, low tank water level, etc.

Environmental safety monitoring

  • NAuto detection and reporting of environmental safety parameters
  • NLux levels monitoring, detection and reporting of abnormality
  • NNoise level monitoring
  • NEmissions monitoring
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Fire-Fighting system monitoring

  • NLive monitoring of fire fighting system with the help of IoT integration.
  • NPush-up alerts, notifications in case of abnormality detection
  • NPower connection monitoring , pressure level monitoring, fire detection monitoring, fire tanks level monitoring, auto-mode disabled monitoring