An integral part of any facility is the reliable FDAS (fire detection and suppression) system, Businesses experience huge revenue losses every year due to inadequate Fire protection systems.

 A liability of $102 million of Facility Management was estimated in a span of the past 10 years due to the failure of operation in Fire Pumps. It is reported that,

  • 40% of the fire pumps malfunctioned due to mechanical issues while running in manual mode
  • 30% of them had impairments while running in automatic mode.

  • 30 % had issues due to electrical power failure, water supply impairment and other cause

With IoT/Smart Monitoring these failures could soon be a thing of the past!  

Smart Monitoring widely aids in attaining a higher productivity rate, through timely alerts on the performance gaps of key parameters of Fire suppression systems (like water pressure and level, Pump status/conditions and other vital parameters) which get triggered and are tested instantly in a fire situation.  

Smart Monitoring keeps the system intact by connecting people, activities and information smartly. The integration of Internet of things (IoT) hand in hand with Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed Smart Monitoring to completely seize & drive the automation of monitoring, escalation, planned maintenance and various other day to day operations. Hence, showing a huge productivity increase but mainly ensuring the people move out of a reactive cycle and transition them to rather proactive operations’ management. 

A collective NFPA report on fire protection stated, that through sprinklers, from 2015 to 2019, 96% of the fires were controlled effectively in the facilities where they were installed. However, only 92% of the sprinklers got activated the remaining 8% of them remained inactive due to unmaintained systems. This dormancy of sprinklers caused huge losses to life as well as property due to fires.  

These monitoring technologies can now aid you to prevent malfunctions of Fire systems. 

Smart Monitoring abundantly mines the rich data set collected and stored in database constantly and integrates the data from many diverse sources and applies advanced analytics powered by AI on the data. This mechanism helps you to achieve an efficient way of preventing failure of fire-fighting equipment and improves the sustainability of fire detection and protection system. By Smart monitoring you can achieve the working proficiency as close to 100% 

Adding Up Business Value! 

A robust fire-fighting system will bring countless rewards to a business commercially as well as helps maintain internal sustainability. Through empowering an effective FDAS system with Smart Monitoring, businesses will see a surge in revenue generation and returns overall with less spent on fire related injuries and fatalities. Furthermore, the adoption of Smart Monitoring, as an extrapolative tool, will attract potential investors from around the globe especially in a current market trend obsessed with ESG analysis. Also, Big Data Analytics deliver organizations with added benefits like amplified scalability, speed, 24/7 service, and heightened IT security and resourceful monitoring ways.