Digital Eye

Digital Eye

Digital eye  is powered by machine vision-based AI & various other underlying deep learning technologies. It enables to optimize the surveillance operations utilizing customized solutions catered to your requirements

Safe Movement Monitoring

  • NIdentify any unauthorized person and raise safety alerts.
  • NEnsure your safety walkways & emergency exits are clear of any blockage.
  • NPeople movement in designated areas only.

PPE’s Adherence Detection

  • NMonitor 24/7 detection and assurance of PPE adherence .
  • NThe system will send push up notifications.
  • NAutomatic reporting and recording of deviation in the platform.

Safe Movement Monitoring

  • NKeep a track of your safety devices/equipment physical location and inspection.
  • NGet notified each time they are moved from their place.

Hazard Detection

  • NAutomatic detection and reporting of hazards .
  • NAllows you to respond to any threat/risk timely .
  • NProvides insights about the true causes to be attacked to eliminate recurrence .

Lux level Monitoring

  • NEnables you to maintain optimum lux levels .
  • NEnergy conservation .
  • NAutomatic reporting and recording of deviation in the platform.

Noise & Emissions Monitoring

  • NEnables you to ensure noise levels under threshold .
  • NGet notified each time in case of a deviation .
  • NReal time insights on air quality and emissions .