Obeikan Flexible and Film​ ​ Vertical: Packaging


  • Obeikan Flexible and Film Packaging manufactures coextruded blown and cast films, stretch film and blown shrink film for more than 250 clients in more than 15 countries. They offer a wide range of widths and materials, coupled with exceptional printing quality.
  • Hazards were reported manually on paper and evidence were missed out. Response time was very slow and employees were not engaged. PPE compliance was difficult as it was done once in a day​ .
Elopak sought to reduce its workforce and improve productivity, whilst ensuring performance levels did not deteriorate.  Furthermore, they faced increased customer complaints in regard to quality and delivery schedule
ODS deployed O3 Lean Apps to rollout, digitalize and standardize Autonomous and Predictive Maintenance (AM, PM) Safety, Quality & Production processes across the plant.

Implementation of following modules of HodHod​:

  • Safety Management.
  • Fire Monitoring.
  • Smart Monitoring.


  • Smart Monitoring improved PPE compliance by 80% as 24/7 monitoring was carried out using video analytics​.
  • Fire system monitoring improved by 70% and response time improved.
Elopak were able to improve KPI results while bolstering productivity with a reduced workforce.